UIM Online Casinos Introduce New, Improved Blackjack Games

The Ultra Internet Media (UIM) group of online casinos has announced their November Game of the Month is Blackjack, and they have launched three new versions of their most popular online casino game.

The UIM online casinos are:

Casino Elegance

Casino Fantasy

Casino Glamour

Casino Lux

Casino Treasure

Imperial Casino

Eduardo Santos, property manager at one UIM online casino, said in a press release:

32 Vegas

“Blackjack has always been one of our most popular games and we wanted to reward our players with an improved experience.”

Up until now, the above online casinos offered only two variations of Blackjack: Classic and 6-Deck blackjack. Now players can enjoy three new variations of their favorite game: Vegas Blackjack, Surrender Blackjack and Double-Deck Blackjack.

“In addition to new variations on Blackjack, we’ve also completely retooled the interface,” added Santos. “Cards used in play are now larger and easier to read, game controls allow faster play, and less mouse movement is required on the player’s part. We’re committed to making our online Blackjack the best.”

Over the next few months, the design team at UIM is planning to introduce even more variations of Blackjack for players to enjoy.

Ed note: Each of the above online casinos offer generous deposit bonuses for new players – for details, click on the links and read the reviews!